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Online Psychedelic Dispensary which offers premium psychedelic products. We ship our products discreetly in airtight packaging 21+

1. Express shipping right to your doorstep 

2. Takes 15-30 seconds to Register an account! Register Here (19+)

2. Air-sealed packages with foil inside so shrooms stay fresh and untampered.

3. Daily email customer support from our team of experts during weekdays! Contact Us Here!

4. discreet shipping, all packages are unmarked and shipped with extra stealth measures.

5. Orders placed before 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time will be shipped the same day 🙂

6. We support mental health, care for our community and donate to mental health programs. We are looking to develop our own chatline very soon 🙂

1. Create a sensation of openness and helps deal with depression

2. Helps people overcome bad habits and addiction by remapping their behaviour.

3. Helps you find new appreciation in life, friends and family and reminds you over the things that truly matter in life.

4. It feels amazing and can be a visually beautiful journey.

Whether you’re going for a psychedelic microdose experience or taking a larger dose journey, always make sure to consult with friends and make sure you are in the right headspace! DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR DO PSYCHEDELIC WITH MINORS!

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The Wavy Club of Soul Trippers started from 4 guys with a strong passion for psychedelic. We has been growing and sharing magic mushrooms with friends for years! This led us to start an Online Dispensary 6 years ago so psychedelic could be accessible 21+.

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“This was my first time ordering and I found it to be very professional. I was a little nervous about sending $ via Bitcoin but it worked beautifully and my product showed up a few days later as promised. It was an unmarked package so I didn’t need to worry about freaking out my kid or my postal worker when they saw the package- most appreciated. The Golden Teachers were high quality and very potent. I took 1/3 the dosage I recently took in Mexico just to check it out and I had a nice relaxing trip. I will double that dose if I want to Have more of an “experience”. I highly recommend and will continue to shop here”
Scarlett Emily
Am a senior citizen and am always skeptical when ordering products of this type. it's always difficult for me to pay in advance not knowing if you'll ever get it. Words can’t describe how great the experience has been so far – the ordering process, communication, shipping… The goodies look delicious, will try them in a few hours!
Donald T:BAG
“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product and the speed of service. My last order was placed rather late in the evening and was processed within an hour. What’s even better? I got the shipping confirmation the next morning before 7am and received the package 2 days later. This is how you get returning customers. As for the product, it was well packaged and beyond what I expected in terms of quality. Clean, lots of different sizes, and no dry dust at the bottom. Will definitely be ordering again soon. Thank you!”
Jameson Ian

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