DMT Dosage Guide

The most popular method of consuming DMT is through smoking, with vaporization currently being the top option as it prevents the DMT from being heated past the point of efficacy – DMT crystals are exceptionally heat-sensitive. 

Freebasing, whereby DMT is simply smoked out of a pipe, is also a popular method that has persisted long before vaporization technology became affordable and is the most cost-friendly. 

A starter dose for those wanting to simply try to feel the initial onset of effects – dipping their toes into the water of this enigmatic experience – hovers around the 10-20mg range. While such a low dosage isn’t enough to cause hallucinations or the kind of euphoric revelations that are typically associated with DMT, it can cause a distortion of some sensory experience, lasting only a few minutes at most.

In the higher range, from 25-40mg, one can expect the often-sought breakthroughs to happen, along with visualizations and changes to auditory perceptions as well as a shift in temporal perception. A dose of 40mg or higher is certain to provoke a revelatory experience, lasting anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes at the most. 

The experience brought on by a breakthrough DMT dose is potent to say the least, facilitating a different interfacing with reality that many people would have a hard time explaining. From conversations with ephemeral beings to observations of geometric harmony, those who have tried DMT will be afforded a glimpse of the world from such a radically different perspective unlike any they’ve experienced before. 

The after-glow – a term associated with the subtly euphoric and calm feeling after a trip – will typically last up to an hour, during which point all cognitive faculties are back to normal. 

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