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“This was my first time ordering and I found it to be very professional. I was a little nervous about sending $ via Bitcoin but it worked beautifully and my product showed up a few days later as promised. It was an unmarked package so I didn’t need to worry about freaking out my kid or my postal worker when they saw the package- most appreciated. The Golden Teachers were high quality and very potent. I took 1/3 the dosage I recently took in New Zealand just to check it out and I had a nice relaxing trip. I will double that dose if I want to Have more of an “experience”. I highly recommend and will continue to shop here”
Scarlett Emily
Am a senior citizen and am always skeptical when ordering products of this type. it's always difficult for me to pay in advance not knowing if you'll ever get it. Words can’t describe how great the experience has been so far – the ordering process, communication, shipping… The goodies look delicious, will try them in a few hours!
Roman Axel
“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product and the speed of service. My last order was placed rather late in the evening and was processed within an hour. What’s even better? I got the shipping confirmation the next morning before 7am and received the package 2 days later. This is how you get returning customers. As for the product, it was well packaged and beyond what I expected in terms of quality. Clean, lots of different sizes, and no dry dust at the bottom. Will definitely be ordering again soon. Thank you!”
Donald T.Bag
“This was my first experience buying magic mushroom products online, so I was skeptical. Especially when I could only pay with Bitcoin. I found their website easy to use, efficient and am very happy with my products! They arrived quickly, and I liked that it was left in my locked mailbox – so I didn’t have to be home to receive it. Will definitely buy from them again.”
Jameson Ian

Over 2000 reviews

Would recommend this experience to everyone who is looking for deep healing, for connection with themselves, others and nature, for discovering a dimension of life that we lost the connection to somewhere along the way... Truly a blessing, felt very safe. Also great food. 🍄🌹🌸
Great costumer service and quick responses to all questions I had! You can tell they cares about their products and their costumers experiences. As for the gummies, they were great! Not that much of a visual trip at all, more so body and brain. But I also might not have taken enough to get to that extent. Overall great!
Hunter Leonardo
Enjoying the experience so far, dose days seem to be very alert, aware and upbeat. Able to make critical decisions quicker and better quality conversations. Outbursts are much lower and overall feeling of peace.
“This Dispensary is well organized and has great product. The website is simple and user-friendly. There is a wide range of selection. Plus, the shipping is FAST. If I order before 12 noon, I always receive the next day by 6:00 p.m. Keep up the good work!”
Addison Leah
These mushies will blow your mind, me and my girlfriend did 3gs each and had an awesome time. Thank you for the awesome experience
Molly Amir
The sacred chocolates were amazing, my husband and i were so blessed and grateful to have purchased these chocolates. We had a great ceremonial experience with these sacred plant magic chocolates. we love, love, love, love those chocolates.
Garrett August
Ordered already for like 10th time. Fast, uncontaminated , reliable ❤️❤️
Gemma Taylor
Incredible! Felt a profound connection with myself. Helped me in the process of getting my life "back on track," feeling more oriented and motivated. Totally recommended for those who are seeking to expand their consciousness.
Damian Sawyer
For the first time in several years. I've been able to stop taking ADHD medication completely. Micro dosing has really had a positive impact in my life and it's noticeable within the first two weeks. My Focus is better, my mood, motivation...….these chocolates have given me a great insight to where i fit in the multiverse..Thanks Psychonaut Cooker
Legend Myles
The visuals are, indeed, intense. Dose low if it’s your first go (start with 1 g and take it from there). Great for dancing and general party atmospheres. Not particularly introspective, but they do offer a nice sense of euphoria and a healthy supply of giggles. I’ve been really happy so far. Quick shipping and quality products.
Aspen Garrett
“The info on what to expect from each product was very accurate and the delivery time was very fast I believe it took a total of 3 days from the day I placed my order to the day it was in my mailbox and I live in the Sabine River area of U.S.A.. I’d give this company/delivery and its products a 10 out of 10. I will definitely be ordering products from them in the future and recommending them to others. Thanks again for this awesome service you guys are providing us!!!”
Oaklynn Morgan
If you have not tried this chocolate bars before I recommend you try 1/2 the bar to get a feel for it. Definitely more potent, felt amazing. I took the whole bar and it was a bit much for me however I still had a great time.
Londyn Zuri
If your on the fence about ordering from allow me to put any concerns you may have to rest. After providing proof of I.d. and age I found the customer service, professionalism, shipping and product quality to be nothing short of excellent
Marley Sawyer
Customer service is helpful and quick. The products I have tried have all been pleasing and promising. The sales are never disappointing. And I have never had shipping as quick and reliable
Chase Diego
Fast shipping, great customer service, the Liquid came fresh and in a discrete package. Definitely recommend 👍🏻 To LSDfinity and beyond 😁
Theo Ayden
So, that’s strange, but I felt nothing. No strange reactions or perception just nothing. I thing I got the high from the expectations rather than living an actual experience. I have to say, the whole thing was underwhelming and disappointing
Kaia Myla
Well, when I want to take a vacation, yes this the go to. If you know you know
Zachary Braxton
High quality products, user friendly website. Discrete packaging. I recommend this business for mushroom needs. They also have great product descriptions and FAQs to help answer any questions you have.
Carlos Ryker
If your on the fence about ordering from MMD allow me to put any concerns you may have to rest. After providing proof of I.d. and age I found the customer service, professionalism, shipping and product quality to be nothing short of excellent
Max Elliot
Was a while since I was planning to have a therapeutic dose. I have finally managed to set apart some time, and have someone sitting and I when for a 5g. I grind the mushroom. More than tea was a soup, I add some ginger. The amazing thing I did not have any problem with my stomach, starting with 3g and then adding 1g 2 times. My objective was to go inward, and for this, I set some indoor space with gentle music. In the beginning, the visuals projected in my head were amazing although was not what I was aiming for, you have to go with the flow. Afterwards was more thought and thinking. I can see how recreational use is a great product if you looking for a visual experience. My experience was intense and still needs to process. I will try them again outdoors in nature. Was also a longer experience compared to other mushrooms, maybe +5h.
Sutton Lilah
If your on the fence about ordering from MMD allow me to put any concerns you may have to rest. After providing proof of I.d. and age I found the customer service, professionalism, shipping and product quality to be nothing short of excellent
Olivia Douglas
Long time customer. Everyone that makes these accessible are saving lives. Discreet and well packaged! I do 3 grams of tea about every month. More introspective than I would like but that's okay for anyone who likes to just swim around where their feet can still touch the ground. But for sure, this one will give you that spiritual boost. The strongest stars have hearts of kyber. I'm one with the Force and the Force is with me. May the Force be with you.
Jesus Emiliano
Just received the package, well packed but not totally vacuum packed. Looking forward to sampling tonight! Muchos gracias.
Brody Xander
The customers Service was outstanding, my package got lost in the mail… They kept me updated and where in top of it! If I emailed with a question it was answered within the hour! Pricing and product was great, I even got a bonus gift 😉! Highly Recommended!
Camden Hayden
Why did I order this product? I was hoping it might help me heal PTSD from psychological trauma suffered in childhood. Did it help me? Yes. So much. The first session helped me to just let go. It was scary. Letting go has been hard for me but I went with it, trusting God was going with me. I felt like I disolved in on myself until my body and head were gone. There, I was able to let go of some garbage that ive carried for decades. I feel a lasting perception shift. I'm doing it usualy 1x per week for now. 3 sessions into it. Each time I've made a breakthrough. Thanks Guys. For me, this is the medicine I needed. 3-4 Second strong pulls, then holding in as long as I can gets me to where I want to go. Topping up with 1-2 second pulls if I feel I need more. I'm reading reviews claiming 12 second pulls... maybe if they have 8 lungs! When I inhale from near empty, 5 seconds gets me to full lungs. This product has truly helped me. I hope it helps you too. I recommend it for re-wiring
Charlie Arlo
Straightforward ordering process and made a first time buyer feel comfortable ordering. On top of all the helpful information related to the trip itself and what you might experience they had plenty of harm reduction steps to take as well. Couldn’t be more satisfied
Jane Payton
We purchased these gummies expecting a transcendent experience but we were a little disappointed in the results. The taste of the gummies was very good, although the blue raspberry gummies were quite tough and hard to chew. I took an entire 5g bag and had an enjoyable time, but not nearly as intense as expected.
Alex Miguel
Liquid form excellent. Furthermore, The Wavy Club of Soul Trippers has the only real 25 we have found. These guys are fast and efficient. Very pleased!
Dakota Mya
Great service. Product was as described. Weight was a little over what I paid for which I love to see. Very fast shipping, across the country in three days. And the product was spectacular! High quality. Would recommend to anyone
Tatum Raegan
If you’re debating gummies vs. chocolate I absolutely prefer the chocolate. It tastes great and consistently delivered the right effects. They’re also super quick to work, so don’t think you have time to do anything right after. Absolutely my fav product so far.
Andres Emilio
Battled with depression, anxiety, and ADHD for years. Tried countless numbers of prescription drugs to elevate them, this has worked better then anything. Ordering was easy and the product arrived within days. Would recommend to anyone!
Adonis Kyrie
So i've been trying many different things over the last 10 years to overcome mental illnesses and addiction( medications, rehab, therapy) and i decided to give lsd a shot, i have nothing to lose. I've been microdosing for 3 days now and i have to say im happily surprised on how i feel ( clearer mind, concentration is better) the only bad side effects i had is muscles tension ( jaw and neck mostly) which i already struggle with. I'm on 2ml-30ug approximately and im journaling my days so far. Will definitely keep going to see if this could finally bring me some support or help in my life. Oh, the shipping was super fast too (3 days)
Griffin Nash
First-time buyer. I was eager to get them and had no patience, but honestly, It was a very fast delivery. Discrete package and no problem!
Kash Preston
“The website was thorough, informative and very easy and straight forward to use. I really enjoyed reading the FAQ page, in particular the information about what to expect for different dose sizes and the how to guide for ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip. I ordered a package in the morning and two days later it arrived at my door, which was shockingly fast considering it was from Vancouver and I live in Montreal. High quality product, very impressed. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you
Nico Kaden
Tried the penis envy. 4g. Not the strongest one i've ever tried, but the best trip of my life. Not much visuals, but my god, the feeling. I laughed so much, my stomach hurt. Almost 2 hours of laughter rolling around in my bed sheets.
Kobe Reid
Just received my delivery and notified straight away on my email. Very well packed , clean and discreet. Delivery took 4 weeks but understandable as was in the middle of Christmas holiday so just greatful that arrived and looking forward to try them soon!. Thank you
Francisco Cruz
I ordered for the third time and once again they didn’t disappoint! speedy delivery and everything all good
Haven Tessa
First time dealing with Magic Mushrooms Dispensary. I liked their website, variety of product AVAILABLE. Ordering was a simple smooth process, & delivery was very prompt. I would certainly recommend them
Josue Gideon
Great value!! I have been taking this for 6 months now and my daily mindfulness is deeper and more relaxed. Highly recommend all of these for your micro dosing needs!
Ellis Colson
I was a little skeptical about ordering as delivering to my country seemed like a tall order. From ordering to delivery it took a little about two weeks and I just received my package. Really excited to start my journey and feel secure that I can continue ordering. The team has been really good with prompt replies to my queries. Job well done!
Ezequiel Jake
…if you do not wanna face it to find in the field of “golden” muschroom, then buy here, there is sure that each muschroom is the same. The trip was awesome, somethnig like digging in my history leading to my prenatal time… best option for therapy to find out your source of your own problems… you will be surrprised what you find… THIS IS THE WAY
Caiden Harvey
By far the best online ordering dispensary! Wonderful selection, great products and great service. Magic Mushrooms Dispensary are extremely professional and excel at customer service. I have ordered a number of times and always been very happy. The one time there was a small issue with my order, it was rectified immediately and showed great customer appreciation. Shipping is great, and especially love that you don’t have to sign for the package when it arrives. Fantastic, I love these guys
Kason Sage
I have to be honest I didn’t think this was legit …man was I wrong. shipping took maybe one day more than expected, then again what I received was worth the wait. It blew my socks off, Qbit is no joke!!! I stand corrected and then some…
Hugo Esteban
Honestly, I was skeptical at first but there was no need to be. Everything went smoothly and I had a good experience with customer service as I had a small issue which was quickly resolved. The product itself was also legit. Would highly recommend to anyone here for the first time and I myself will continue to use this site. Stay groovy
Ophelia Celeste
Hey! 2nd time up ordered some teachers to micro-dose, rework the neurals and… Wow! First time a charm, second even more magic! Maybe my metabolism has changed but I found this second batch noticeably stronger and needed to recalibrate. Does the job though. Only real gripe maybe, is having to shred the labels and bags from inside the discrete mailing packaging as I’m living amongst a group of non-informed, non scientific minded fundamentalists so need to keep things low key to avoid friction. Anyways all that said, happy. Be happier still if man could get that 10% off again next round, but hey… All for Knowledge, Health & Science.. it’s been Bless
Alaya Dream
I was a bit skeptical ordering but a friend of mine had used to site in the past successfully which put my mind at ease. The team were really quick to process my order, respond to any emails and I received my package in just over a week! I felt my order was handled with care and they value me as a customer. ! Will certainly be returning in the future 😎
Frank Tripp
This website is absolutely amazing. Very quick and fast delivery. I ordered the Golden Teacher mushrooms for microdosing purposes and I cannot believe how much of a difference this has made for me. I started about a month ago and I feel better then I have in about 12 or 13 years!!! Wow!! My energy is much better and I have almost weened myself off of my antidepressants. I am 100% satisfied and give this place 5 stars.
Annalise Selah
Wow!!! These .energy ones are my favorite!!! Worth the wait since you guys were out, 117% satisfied…no yawning, just wow….and thank you so much for the free gummies too!!! I gifted them to my friends and they went to bliss and were so grateful!!! N.B This company is one of the rare ones who are honest and who actually care for Humanity, the dosage is acurate and this is not very common now a days…
Brinley Frances
Smooth service from ordering, right to tracked delivery, excellent communication, nicely packaged 100% recommended thank you 🙏
Kian Saint
I didn’t expect great shipping speed, so I was bowled over when my order arrived the following morning. The product was everything I wished for and perfect for micro-dosing. Buying online can be a dodgy business but this site has renewed my faith. Thoroughly recommended
Poppy Amora
I’m a bit of and old head with plenty of hallucigenic experiences. I hadn’t done them in awhile but purchased the chocolate bar for an upcoming holiday trip. I was skeptical at first but tried four squares to test them out. It came on in pretty much the 30-45 minutes they suggested. It had a good flush with good visual and audio layering. Chocolate was good, no stomach upset and very clean high that was gone completely in about 5 hours. Wouldn’t do more cause the experience was nice as is. Good, fast shipping, good product. Overall highly recommended.
Kian Saint
Loved it, provided a very pivotal energy shift for me. It was so profound that if I had to choose between all my many mushroom trips versus one DMT experience, I would say the one experience provided the greatest life changing experience for me. I would recommend prepping properly for this, but you can only prep so far. Eventually you have to push through your fear/discomfort and just do it. Treat this with a lot of respect.
Callen Trevor
It’s been about a year since I started microdosing and I feel confident. My anxiety’s a lot easier to control and I’m far more alert than I’ve ever been. Do I recommend microdosing? Abso-fu**ing-lutely!
Legacy Maia
delivery was quick !! it’s three hours now that i try the mushroom , i feel good but it’s the first time i try this-perhaps i need to wait more hours to experienced more effect -i try first half mushroom then after two hours i swallow the rest !!!! thank you and a nice day to you!!!
Wells Nikolai
Always arrives safely, in the past there were some delays but now everything arrived on time. Perfect website I totally recommend
Rhys Forrest
Quality, clean product, seems well grown, picked (nice mix of stem and cap) and packaged fairly discreetly. Purchased for Micro-dosing treatment, not for recreational, so can’t comment on its effects at full moon shot levels yet. However, very positive cognitive results as expected. Only wish? That it was a tad bit cheaper, but will certainly be looking at buying again. Much bless & thanks
Garrett Oakley
Preliminary review – I haven’t used any products yet (Penis envy and chocolate bars). The ordering process was straight-forward and simple. Payment was more complex, but I understand the options considering the nature of the transaction. Trust and risk are large components of the process. So far, seller has lived up to what they say and what they say to expect. shipping notice sent Friday , package arrived on following Monday. The contents appear to be correct. Will update if I can after I try the products.
Devin Gianni
Amazing product! So easy to use because you dont have to prepare anything. I got the blue raspberry flavor, and Im happy with it. Will buy again for sure!
Memphis Quinn
I bought Blue Meanie and while all were great in their own ways, BP was by far my favorite. 2.5 g sent me on a trip like never before. I had my first closed-eyed visuals (dragons with rainbows spurting out of their eyes and mouths like waterfalls) and a sense of euphoria that put me on cloud nine. I was laughing and feeling on top of the world, then gradually felt my ego get stripped away. Everything I thought I knew about myself, all the notions and labels I had about my identity completely disintegrated. It took me a few hours to put everything back together again, but when I did, I felt reborn. An amazing experience all around and a strain I will be buying again and again
Stetson Briggs
Great value for money and had a wonderful experience on the tabs. The delivery takes a little more than 4-6 business days but I think that’s because I’m on an Island. Would recommend it, just ordered another batch.
Marshall Kade
Noticed a difference in my mental awareness and motivation. Clearer, happier thoughts and more productivity were the main results I noticed. I recommended to friends and they also had the same experiences. Very impressed and so glad this is available!
Olivia Douglas
New York
7 grams sent me on one of the most existential, profound trip experiences I've ever had. Extreme synesthesia and all sensory hallucinations, while rubbing my runny eyes at one point it dawned on me that I couldn't tell whether I had open or closed eyes, whatever I was seeing and experiencing was not actually using my regular vision. I was sure I had become intertwined with the physical fabric of space and time, and could see the cyclical fractal pattern of the universe while time traveling to different era's in human history lol laying on the floor of a small stone room with a crackling fireplace, like you might see in a mideival caste, bustling village ambient noise coming from stories below, that memory is engrained in my head as if it truly happened, not as if it were a hazy hallucination. I also thougt I was bout to die at one point, as I was sweating profusely and my hearing and sight was pulsating off and on with any slight movement of my head. I turned off the music I had playing, sprawled out face down on the floor, opened my eyes, and started a very slow cycle of breathing, assuring myself mushrooms are safe and I would have to choose death in order for it to actually get me (it made sense at the time). This is one of 2 times I have had this during a trip, and briefly I am sure I am going to die, which at first is terrifying but oddly becomes incredibly peaceful. After restarting a regular breathing pattern and laying down for a few moments, I started to feel normal again, and the come down began. I'd imagine 3-5g's would give visual and auditory hallucinations, synesthesia, and euphoric body sensations, without the crazy existentialism of the 7g dose, but I've yet to try. Bonus is that they're just little guys so it's easy to pop a few in at a time, and the taste isnt super overwhelming on em. I use root beer as a chase and you don't taste a thing over the pop. Come on was pretty quick, my usual first tells are getting the sweats, and muscles starting to tense up which happened within 30 minutes. By 40 minutes I was starting to get the slight breathing or undulating open eye visuals and total closed eye hallucinations. Great body high as well, first hour was mostly spent stretching, doing yoga and breathing exercises, which felt incredible but eventually devolved to me rolling around on the floor, in another world in my head. All in all would recommend these little guys to anybody, I personally prefer variants like this that I know can offer this type of mind altering, time traveling, universe shifting trip, because it allows you to control the dosage and gives you a large range of possibilities, depending on what you may be feeling at any given time. Certainly don't eat 7g if you're not ready and willing to get a little scared, and feel like you're on the cusp of an eternal mystery that doesn't want you to uncover it though lol
Talia Rebecca
I have to start with 2 to not be only slightly “tickled” by the effect, then 1 a day the next 4 days was cool… I also ordered the new Energy type, can’t wait to try since these seem to make me yawn, a bit too sleepy. Maybe because I smoke indica too? Hmmm…. My brother is using the rest of the bottle and, I actually witnessed it, he’s back being my funny brother, my smart brother who always try to invent new stuff…. helped him lower his alcohol intake, made him have real good quality time/conversations with his teens… Everybody should try, try them all 💗💗 God is good 👍😊
Raymond Cristian
Awesome product! I found the high from a 1gram dose experiment to take about an hour to get to a definite peak, that lasted about 45minutes and gradually wore off. First, I ingested them just by eating them; tried them in a “tea-like” drink, by soaking them in boiling water for 15 minutes (I found this really helped with any stomach upset-very good). I noticed that this high tended to bring me inwards, to myself. I noticed my thoughts seemed to be of my life, and my personal self. I would rate this product, top-shelf. Thank You.
Ricardo Killian
Tracking is accurate and shows each distribution center, not just the ones from the country it’s shipped from, customer service is phenomenal, product is nice too, doesn’t have regular mushroom taste, rather taste a little like cashews. Great price, great product, great service. Much love
Leia Paige
Ordered last weekend, and it arrived in Maine on Wednesday. Thought I'd do what I thought was a conservative dose of 2g, and was blown away. Can't explain how good these made me feel once I broke through. Total bliss. I've also enjoyed PE, Blue Meanies, Golden Teachers, Traski, and Tidal Wave from this company, and they've never let me down. Top quality, excellent service, and I see no need to show anywhere else. Thank you! Can't wait to try more!
Ari Kameron
Potent, high quality and guaranteed to deliver the experience your looking for. I highly recommend staying within a threshold dose for sure, otherwise the potency will show it's TRUE power. If you plan on microdosing do keep in mind how much of the tab your cutting, you could end up tripping when you dont mean to
Olivia Douglas
you are making me really happy- its nice, that the items arrived – they are looking great, smelling perfect and of course I will order again…
Fiona Cataleya
Great company to do business with kept me informed of delivery details and no issues with delivery. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Otto Eduardo
Chewy, taste like mushroom, potent as all hell, took 2g out of my 7g order, hard to explain, the walls were breathing, floor was rotating, spinning and warping all at once. My bed was my little island for a bit. Walking outside took my breath away from all the vibrant colors (orange, yellow, red on the trees changing in the fall), I thought when I took shrooms 10 years the colors were awesome, this was levels beyond that. No anxiety no nausea. Able to socialize, went to the store and bought some gummies and iced tea half way through my trip the 5 min walk seemed like 5 hours and a quest across the universe but we made it back in one piece. Ended the night watching hocus pocus 2 eating a cheese burger that was doing the wave on my plate. 10/10 would spend my Friday night like that again. Highly recommend Thank you finding you guys was the best thing ive found on the internet ever
Cade Stephen

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