Top 10 Must-Haves with Magic Mushrooms Edibles (Especially For Your First Time)

One of the questions our team gets asked most is: What do I need when going into my first magic mushrooms edibles experience?

Along with making sure that you feel safe and supported in your set and setting, here are the top 10 things to have on hand with magic mushrooms edibles, especially if it’s your first time:

1. Journal

You might be feeling a range of emotions before you embark on your first magic mushroom experience, so to ease your mind, first set a clear intention. Take some time to think about why you’ve decided on this experience and what you hope to release and heal, then write it down in a journal. Also, there may be a lot that may come up during your experience and you’ll want to remember them afterwards. You may quickly forget what actually took place during the experience, so we highly recommend having a journal on hand to keep track of what happens during your journey. Get a beautiful journal here.

2. Rose Water

There will be moments during your experience that can be very intense, so having something like rose water on hand to spray on your face and around you will provide a much-needed sensory relief and give you a more pleasant experience. Get rose water here.

3. Blanket

Having your favorite blanket or something to cozy up to is something you might find very comforting. Avoid fabrics that might contain toxins and stick with fabrics that are organic and breathable. Get an organic blanket here.

4. Eye Mask

A psychedelic journey can be one of the most sensitive and expansive experiences you’ll have. You may start hyper focusing on various types of visuals around you. While these visuals might be entertaining, you may want to focus inward and not get distracted by anything externally around you for the most meaningful experience. We recommend using a lightweight, organic eye mask to allow you to focus on anything internally that needs attention or healing. Get an eye mask here.

5. Earplugs or Earphones

Speaking of distractions, you will want to have on hand either earphones or earplugs or both. While you’re in the experience, you may become more sensitive to everything around you, including noise. We suggest either having earphones on hand so you can be guided by the music or earplugs to be in complete silence. Get earplugs here.

6. Organic Sage, Palo Santo, & Abalone Shell Kit

Having some sage handy is always a good thing. Before you start your experience, we recommend burning some sage and going to all four corners of your room to cleanse it. While you wave the sage around, repeat the following mantra: “Whatever is here that does not serve me is not invited here and needs to leave immediately and go towards the light”. Get your smudge kit here.

7. Rose Quartz

This crystal of unconditional love is often used to heal the heart from trauma and pain. It represents calmness, compassion, love, and the feminine. If love is an area that you’d like to incorporate into your experience, we highly recommend having one on hand and near you at all times. You’ll also want to cleanse the crystal before using it by putting it in a spot where it can absorb sunlight or moonlight. Get a rose quartz here.

8. Snacks

We typically recommend fasting in the morning and throughout the day before going into a mushroom experience. This means avoiding caffeine and any other stimulants. However, we suggest having some snacks on hand after you have peaked from your experience to help ground you. Stick with lighter foods and keep your intake clean. Do not mix mushrooms with alcohol, tobacco, or any other substances.

Here are some of my favorite snacks to have during the experience:

Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple
Any organic dried fruits is a great option to stick with. You may find flavors bursting when you eat anything during your experience.

Organic Coconut Water
Coconut water can be refreshing and tasty during the experience as well as replenish your body with electrolytes when you’re feeling dehydrated.

Oranges and Lemons
After 30 minutes or an hour, we recommend checking in with yourself and seeing if you’d like to increase the intensity of the experience. If so, peel and eat an orange or have a lemon wedge.

Choose your favorite fruits and/or vegetables

9. Organic Essential Oils and Diffuser

Going into your experience, you’ll want to keep the scents in your room neutral. However, during the experience, you may want to have something to help in case of nausea or if you’re feeling heaviness. Essential oils in a diffuser can help provide a calm and serene environment. Lavender is usually one of the most calming scents. Get organic essential oils here and a diffuser here.

10. Filtered Water and Glass Water Bottle

You may not want to drink too much water before or during the experience, however, in case you feel dehydrated at any point, you may want to sparingly sip on some water. Water and the way it is delivered is an important consideration. There is technology that exists today to help ensure water contains various information from nature that are in harmony with the water structure and therefore influences it. Get your glass water bottle here.

Our Final Thoughts

During the experience with magic mushrooms edibles, make sure you turn off all notifications and digital communication on your phone. However, you may want to have some playlists on hand that contain instrumentals or medicine music. Also, having items of sentimental value, like a photo of a loved one, etc. to bring with you into the experience may also provide a source of comfort and healing.

For how to consume mushrooms for the most optimal experience, be sure to watch our video on beginner’s guide to magic mushrooms.

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